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From the Pastor’s Pen December 2018

by Jessica Wilson

Advent is the time of the year, which the Church observe with anticipation of the birth of Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. During this time of Advent Christians prepare themselves spiritually to welcome the King of kings. I would encourage all of us to develop a new spiritual discipline that will help us […]

From the Pastor’s Pen November 2018

by Jessica Wilson

I have been thinking about how our Congregation could be more mobile which should be the mission of every church. In the Gospels, we learn that Jesus was always on the move. When Jesus called his disciples the call was leaving everything behind and follow the Son of Man.  According to the Gospel of Mark, […]

From the Pastor’s Pen-October 2018

by Jessica Wilson

As I am writing this article for October’s newsletter, images of hurricane Florence and the devastation she caused in both Carolinas are still vivid on my mind. Even though I was lucky not to loose electricity or experienced flood in my community, I know that some of you experienced that.  As I was watching neighborhoods […]

From the Pastor’s Pen-September 2018

by Jessica Wilson

As I drive around this community I see the harvest all around our community. I have seen potential for growth and expansion. Jabez is known for his prayer to God in which he asked God to expand his territory and protect him from pain. In Israel’s culture every name must have a meaning. When Jabez […]

From the Pastor’s Pen-August 2018

by Jessica Wilson

Church family, I hope everyone of you is doing well.  As a Methodist pastor, moving is what we do and I made this vow about eight years ago when I began my candidacy in Ordained ministry at Mt. Pisgah in Greensboro. I reaffirmed this vow when I was commissioned and ordained in the Western North […]

From the Pastor’s Pen-July 2018

by Jessica Wilson

Grace and peace from our Lord Jesus Christ be with you. It’s an honor and privilege for me to be appointed as your Pastor starting July 1st. I am deeply humbled and excited to join your ongoing ministry in this wonderful community of Charlotte. My family and I are very excited to join Oak Grove […]