Church family, I hope everyone of you is doing well.  As a Methodist pastor, moving is what we do and I made this vow about eight years ago when I began my candidacy in Ordained ministry at Mt. Pisgah in Greensboro. I reaffirmed this vow when I was commissioned and ordained in the Western North Carolina Conference of the United Methodist Church. Even though moving has never been easy, people called Methodists make it smooth for their pastors.

My first day in the office at Oak Grove made me feel that I was where I supposed to be. I did not feel as a stranger because I was in my Father’s home. Saints of Oak Grove supplied me with everything I needed and more. One colleague in Ministry shared with a group of us  how a simple yet powerful prayer made a project they thought was impossible to being possible. This took place while my colleague and his team were on a mission trip to renovate an old church parsonage that was falling apart. A lady prayed in theses simple words, “May the Lord give you everything you need and more!” My colleague told us how a day later God supplied them with everything they needed and more to finish the project that seemed almost impossible.

For few weeks I have been here at Oak Grove I witnessed how this church deeply care about this community. God uses people of Oak Grove to supply what God’s children need.  I had a chance to chat with people who regularly visit our food pantry and those who come on Thursdays for hotdog lunch.I have seen how Oak Grove’s disciples supplied everything that was needed for every ministry we do! I believe the future of Oak Grove is very bright. As I concluded during my sermon on July 22, “ I see Oak Grove UMC as an oak tree planted by the well of the living water. My hope is that anyone who will seek the shade of this beautiful oak tree will drink from the well of the living water, which is Jesus Christ. Anyone who drinks from this well will never thirst again.” I am privileged to serve a church that has a heart for local missions. I appreciate everyone who use their time, talent and money, which help us to fulfill our mission that will help us to reach our vision. May God bless you abundantly!

See you at Church,

Pastor Innocent Justice