History:  Cole Memorial Methodist church started this Ministry about twenty years ago.  The Ministry runs for four months–December to March.  When Cole first started it they were taking care of the homeless every Thursday night for four months.  Some years later they partnered with Derita Presbyterian Church which took it on night out of the month.  About five years ago they contacted Oak Grove and asked us if we would want to partner with them and Derita Presbyterian which we did. Since the closing of Cole Memorial United Methodist Church, Oak Grove has taken its place with the ministry taking two Thursdays out of the month,

Mission:  Oak Grove picks up to twelve men at six o’clock on Thursday evenings. They are brought to Cole’s church where they have twelve mattresses set up for them to sleep on in a nice warm gym. We fix them a nice dinner which generally consists of two meats, soups, veggies, sometimes a salad and a desert. Generally in the morning they give them a bowl of cereal and a honey bun but some decided that wasn’t a good breakfast since they were out in the cold most of the day. We started going every Friday at four-thirty in the morning and fixing them scrambled eggs with onions and bell peppers, sausage, bacon and ham, grits, biscuits and sometimes a potato assembly.  They have to be back down town by six-thirty if they want a chance at getting a job for the day. Most of them are very thankful for anything that you do for them.  The one group couldn’t believe that we came in Christmas morning and fixed breakfast for them. It’s a very rewarding Ministry.

Our Reach:  Room in the Inn houses and feeds 12 men every Thursday 4 months (December through March).

How to get involved:  We are always taking donations for the men, currently we are collecting personal care and hygiene items to be distributed to the homeless people that come to Room in The Inn.   Please bring soap, shampoo, razors, toothpaste, shaving cream, etc. to the church.   You can also volunteer to bring in side dishes or deserts for their dinner or even volunteer to stay with them overnight at Oak Grove.

Who to contact:  Pat Reynolds, 704-564-4252