When: Sunday, January 31st during our 10:30am Worship Service
As announced Sunday in conjunction with Kelly McWhirter’s testimony, I ask that we all look ahead to this month’s 5th Sunday as a “special”Sunday, commissioned as “Testimony Sunday“.  Do you have a special account of where, when, or how you have experienced God?  Personal testimonies such as Kelly’s speak!  Testimonies relate accounts of our Living God at work.  And God uses the telling of our experiences to touch others.
The Samaritan woman at the well told her story and many in her town came to know Jesus and believe in him as Messiah.  (Read and study John, Chapter 4 before this Sunday’s sermon.)  Her testimony changed lives. Do you have a testimony to share on TestimonySunday?  I pray that the Holy Spirit removes all fear and that your testimony is exactly what touches others for Jesus Christ.   

Please contact Pastor Bob or the church office to let us know you would like to be apart of our special Sunday service. All are welcome!

Office: (704) 596-4084