Each prayer quilt will be placed on the alter for a few weeks during our worship services to be prayed over. Each knot on the quilt represents a prayer made for that person.

History:  Oak Grove’s Prayer Quilt Ministry was sparked by the donation of quilts from Calvary UMC. At Council meeting we discussed what we could do with them.   It was shared with the Outreach Committee (this committee had many women who were part of the Centennial circle)  that a family member within Oak Grove had received two prayer quilts from two different churches during his battle with cancer and how much they had meant to him.  We then  agreed as a circle to try the ministry.

The Oak Grove UMW’s Centennial group began the Prayer Quilt Ministry in December 2007 as a way to share love and concern for others (inside and outside of our church family) who need prayer for various reasons, i.e. health issues and loss of loved ones.   When quilts  are requested, we tie ribbons on them, place on the altar, and ask those attending worship to say a prayer for the recipient and then tie a knot in the ribbon.  When all ribbons have been knotted, a prayer is said over the quilt and it is then taken  to the recipient as a means of comfort for their specific need.

Our Reach: At the end of 2015 we had distributed approximately 182 prayer quilts/shawls.

Who to contact: If you have a request for a prayer quilt, please contact the church office at 704-596-4084 or

Our Prayer

Our Heavenly Father, thank  you for this opportunity to gather together and celebrate our ministry. We’ve been blessed with the opportunity to share our love and concern for others through something tangible-Prayer Quilt. Please give us your blessing as we daily reach out to others and spread the word of Love.